From pitchforks to mountain hut coffee

From pitchforks to mountain hut coffee
StoriesFrom pitchforks to mountain hut coffee

Rustic bar on the piste

If you’re looking for a charming place to take a well-deserved break after a day on the piste, the Chumi Hut in Adelboden is just the place. Farmer and hut warden Hansueli Hari spoils his guests in a laid-back atmosphere.

Dolce vita in the Oberland

Thumping music? Chips? Self-service? No chance! Comfort and service are the hallmark of the Chumi Hut. The sun terrace features distressed wooden furniture and venerable sofas – while all unique in nature they nonetheless achieve a wonderfully harmonious whole. The mere thought of passing by without making a stop is a sin.

Once you’ve experienced the Chumi Hut, you’ll never look at another hut again

Hand-written slate boards, friendly staff, a veritable hit: the highland burger with jacket potatoes is as much a feature of a day on the slopes as the Chuenisbärgli is of Adelboden. The rustic barn seats 70 guests on days when the weather’s not good enough to sit out on the terrace. Winter evenings are devoted to fondue, while the alp cows appreciate a dry place to shelter in summer.

Chumi Hut Adelboden

There’s nothing like being cosy

The laid-back atmosphere in the Chumi Hut is not a matter of chance – hut warden and farmer Hansueli dictates this pace on his farm too. He doesn’t need an alarm clock, being one of those people who automatically wake up as soon as it gets light. After switching from dairy cows to Scottish Highland cattle, he no longer has to get up at the crack of dawn to do the milking. But the moment he walks around the corner, his cows are already awaiting him and mooing.

An awe-inspiring and tame exotic breed of cattle

Hansueli’s farm is home to Highland cattle of every colour. No matter whether they are black, brown, white, red or grey – their enormous horns give them an impressive appearance. With a span of up to 1.4 metres, they invariably command respect. Hansueli heaps them with praise: “Although their mere appearance makes you treat them with respect, they have a docile and gentle character.”

“The animals spend three entire summers on the alp.”
The pastures and landscape in Adelboden are perfect for these sturdy cattle – they make the ascent to the alp for three consecutive summers, returning back down to the farm each autumn. Hikers are amazed to encounter the shaggy creatures on the lush-green meadows.

Clearing the mind

Once he’s fed his cattle, Hansueli dashes off to the Chumi Hut by car and snowbike. He does a bit of skiing whenever he has the time – preferably before the chair lifts start operating officially. Then he whizzes all on his own down the pistes, savouring the peace and the moment.

Quality is the key

Alongside tasty burgers, the hut’s team serve up Chumi cheese on toast, various cold platters and delicious meringues. (German)

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