Schynige Platte

Schynige Platte
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The Schynige Platte boasts nostalgia and nature

It takes around one hour from Wilderswil to the Schynige Platte with the historic Schynige Platte railway. Once on top, you simply can’t get enough of the wonderful views.
The rack railway which transports visitors to the Schynige Platte oozes nostalgic charm. Since its first journey in the 19th century, it has been the visitors’ favourite means of transport. If you prefer an even more leisurely and more nostalgic ride, you should opt for the steam train instead. The steam locomotive H 2/3 5 only climbs to the top of the mountain four times every summer. Its unparalleled appearance and the views from the train are however well worth a ride - despite the required early booking.

Between the peaks of the Tuba and the Gumihorn

The Schynige Platte’s versatile landscape fascinates visitors time and time again. The hike to the Burglauenen station leads past the Alp Iselten and offers views across the Lütschinen valley and to the three mountains of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Or why not take a stroll on the circular Louchernhorn trail or a hike across the Faulhorn to First, where views are equally beautiful. The mountain lodge Männdlenen provides visitors on this idyllic route with a variety of culinary delights.

Inspiring views

The magnificent panorama of the Schynige Platte has inspired many, including the Swiss artist Ferdinand Hodler. The views from up here across Lake Thun and Lake Brienz or the vista from the mountain hotel Schynige Platte are a feast for the eyes. When you finally manage to pull your eyes away, you should take your camera out and use the two gigantic picture frames on the Schynige Platte to capture memorable moments. A visit to the Alpine Garden is also worthwhile as it provides an overview of the region’s variety, displaying 650 plant species, primary rocks and limestone.


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