Adventures in the air, on land or in the water

A fall into the void, roaring water, a steep path to the top: The Bernese Oberland provides active visitors with an array of exciting challenges.

Interlaken is very popular among adrenaline junkies. Paragliders and hang-gliders allow their pilots to conquer the air and to provide them with a bird’s-eye view of the area. A much quicker way down to the ground can be achieved through bungee jumping. The Stockhorn offers bungee jumps for those who are particularly brave and don’t mind the bitter cold of the winter. For those who want to go from the very top to the very bottom should try skydiving. Accompanied by a professional, participants jump out of a helicopter and whizz in 40 seconds at speeds of up to 200 km/h towards the ground. As quickly as the fall may be over, the high-altitude euphoria and the soft landing will stay in your memory for a lifetime.


Your pulse accelerates, your breath shortens

Instead of having a breathtaking fall, you can also achieve a rush of adrenaline the other way round. In Frutigen, visitors of all ages scramble up the Climbing Tower, which provides 64 stops across numerous obstacle courses. A visit to one of the rope parks in the surrounding area is equally thrilling. Bern’s rope park stretches across 3000 m and leads visitors through the forest. Due to its various difficulty levels, it is an attraction for beginners and professionals alike. Thrills are also provided in winter: Ice climbing is a particular challenge which requires every step to be right.

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