The Hotel Panorama

The Hotel Panorama
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The view of the Haslital valley, Lake Brienz and the Eiger breathes new life into conferences, meetings and seminars. But the Hotel Panorama Hasliberg not only lives up to its name, but also offers professional facilities.
With five meeting rooms including technical equipment, the hotel has plenty of space for exchanges of ideas, presentations and strategic discussions. Refreshments are served throughout the day, from coffee to business lunches or dinners with up to five courses. Those attending multi-day events can enjoy restful sleep in the cosy rooms. Organisers also have plenty of options when it comes to planning leisure activities. The cable car opposite the hotel runs up to the Alpen Tower with its long, enchanting ski slopes.


Room Area m² Concert Seminar Banquet (long tables)
Reuti-Stube 40 20 12 12
Rosenlauisaal 40 30 20 25
Ballenbergsaal 55 40 25 25
Rosenlaui + Ballenberg 85 80 40 50
Wetterhornsaal 120 100 60 80
Speisesaal - - 100
Speisesaal + Rosenlaui + Ballenberg 225 - - 180

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