A fondue get-together with the team

A fondue get-together with the team
BusinessInspirationA fondue get-together with the team

Team excursion

In the ice and snow, on the move in a horse-drawn carriage or out on the alpine meadow itself, all our new ideas and offers for your fondue team excursion have one thing in common: they’re as scrumptious as they’re memorable!

Fondue ‘to go’? The ‘go to’ fondue!

A fondue with a difference: you and your team will love the covered and heated horse-drawn fondue carriage run by the Johann von Grünigen carriage operators in Gstaad. Equipped for a maximum of 25 people this ‘cheese tour’ through Gstaad’s ‘fondue-land’ promises to be a wonderfully unique group experience. Riding high on horse and carriage, it’s all about enjoying the delicious cheese mix from Michel’s Stallbeizli and the delightful journey at the same time. Should you and your team really want to go all-out, there are three oversized alternatives: giant wooden caquelon pots, each of which seats eight people, perfect for enjoying your fondue while taking in the surrounding mountain panorama.

Simply stirring: DIY fondue

Who doesn’t love that evening atmosphere up in the mountains when dusk slowly falls and the light conditions magically change? That’s precisely the time to treat yourself to a high-speed adventure and glide down into the valley on the Eiger Run floodlight piste. With the ever popular night-time sledding, you even get to choose whether to ride a conventional sled or an original Grindelwald Velogemel. Admittedly, this outlandish vehicle does take some getting used to, but the people on site are there to assist you and make sure you make it down to the finish line safely. Once you get there you have a choice: you and your team can either enjoy a ready prepared fondue or you make your very own smooth and creamy version in the outdoor kitchen, to suit your taste.

Cheese-making and milking on the alpine meadows

To find out what life as an alpine farmer is really like, close-up and hands-on, it’s well worth making the trip to the Alp Baumgarten in the Jungfrau Region. As a team you’ll get an insight into the chores and the work of an alpine farmer and help make the next wheel of cheese in the large copper cauldron or Kupferchessi. You’ll also be initiated into the secrets of butter-making, and be right there, on the spot, when the goats are being milked. Perhaps you or someone from your team will even be brave enough to try your hand at milking? Go ahead, give it a try – it’s an experience guaranteed to linger long in your memory!

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