For the Love of the Bike

The Bernese bicycle manufacturer, Thömus, produces high-tech from the farm.
Its headquarters is set in a beautiful rural area on a farm in Oberried. From here, this cult bikeshop supplies the whole of Switzerland. The story is both legendary and a legend in itself. In 1991, 17-year-old Thomas Binggeli sold the last sheep on the farm when his parents were away on holiday and set up his first workshop with the proceeds. This was the beginning of a success story.

High-Tech from the Farm

What started with mending bicycles belonging to family members, neighbours and school mates soon grew after the first employee was hired. Thömus Veloshop grew rapidly and soon the bicycle farm was well known on the scene. With his own Thömus brand, Binggeli reduced the distance between manufacturer and customer. Direkter Weg, mehr Leistung (Direct link, enhanced performance) is still the company motto today.

Swiss Young Entrepreneur of the Year

In 2006, Thömus Veloshop founder Thomas Binggeli won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Swiss Economic Forum After that the company was no longer a local secret but became known all over the country. And so its fame grew. The invention of Stromer e-bikes was a very big coup indeed. Actors such as Leonadro DiCaprio were delighted to own one of these bikes from Oberried.

Branch in the City of Bern

Thömus Veloshop operates from both Oberried near Köniz as well as from Bern (Effingerstrasse 1). The modern bicycle factory is located in the neighbouring village of Thörishaus. Here, mountain bikes, racing bikes and city bikes are custom-built upon customer request. This customisation service is the company’s greatest strength.

Thömus also represents a very large community, one that is united in its love of cycling. Whether it is a weekly training session (Wednesday bikers, starting at 7 pm in Oberried), participation in races such as the Eiger Bike Challenge in Grindelwald or in such shared adventures as the 24-hour tour to Paris (20 August 2017) – it is never boring in the Thömus Family.

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