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Emmentaler AOP
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The King of Swiss Cheese

Nowadays Emmentaler AOP is produced in around 125 village dairies from fresh, untreated milk which comes from cows whose diet consists of grass and hay. No silo feed for these cows!

About 12 litres of milk are needed for one kilogram of cheese. Any additives and genetically modified ingredients are forbidden, experienced master cheese makers still make the cheese using traditional artisan methods.

Each Emmental cheese is stored for a minimum of 120 days in a cheese cellar. This is markedly longer than the majority of other types of cheese. You can taste the difference. Incidentally: each Emmentaler AOP can be traced back to its origin and place of production thanks to a dairy number on the rind.

Typical: the holes

The round cheese wheels have a diameter of 80-100 cm and weigh between 75 to 120 kg. Size, tradition and exceptional quality ensure that Emmentaler AOP is the uncontested "King of Cheese" worldwide. Emmentaler AOP is produced in various degrees of maturity for every taste and intended use: from the nutty-mild 'Classic' (matured for a minimum 4 months), to the distinctive tangy 'Réserve' (matured for a minimum of 8 months) to the full-flavoured 'Höhlengereiften' or 'cave-aged' (matured for a minimum of 12 months).

Emmentaler AOP is usually enjoyed cold cut into pieces or slices. It is also ideal as a tasty addition in warm dishes.

The typical characteristic of Emmentaler AOP is probably its holes. These range from cherry to nut size and originate during the maturing process.

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