“The Lauberhorn is magical”

“The Lauberhorn is magical”
Stories“The Lauberhorn is magical”

A conversation with Bruno Kernen

Bruno Kernen, former Swiss ski racer and winner of the 2003 Lauberhorn ski race, talks about the amazing experience of taking part in the Lauberhorn race.
“I have won gold, silver, and bronze at world title fights. After finishing my career, I was honoured by the change of name of the Brüggli-S to Kernen-S at the Lauberhorn. I have been asked repeatedly whether this infamous curve is just as important to me as the world cup and Olympics medals. I can’t really give a good answer to this question. I only know that winning my medals was significantly less painful!
Nevertheless, in 2003 I caught this S curve so well that I was able to celebrate my only Lauberhorn victory after the race. But in 1997 and 2005 I took some really bad falls here. I remember the take-off of 1997 not only because of the pain I suffered. Back then, the slope wasn’t marked with blue paint the way it is done today, but with fir tree branches. And we had a coach who radioed the following instruction up to the take-off point: ‘At the bridge, you have to start the curve at the fifth fir branch!’ But how on earth am I supposed to know when I have come to the fifth fir branch at the speed I’m going as I enter the S curve?!
Today, the good memories outweigh the bad ones. And in the last few years, I have been lucky in this area especially in summer. I found a spot near the Kernen-S where lots of wild tasty mushrooms grow!”
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