Shopping Paradise - Lower Old Town

Shopping Paradise - Lower Old Town
StoriesShopping Paradise - Lower Old Town
The lower part of Bern's Old Town is the perfect place to soak up the unique spirit with its delightful shops, original products, great cafes and friendly people.
Although there are some who think that Switzerland’s prime shopping destination is Zurich, they might well change their minds if they visited the lower part of Bern’s Old Town. The famous Bernese arcades are home to many delightful boutiques with unique products and all in close proximity. Here are just a few of them:

Bazaar 58: Typically Bern

The most striking part of Bazaar 58 would be the button bar with over 10,000 different buttons covering an entire wall. It also pays to browse around at the back of the shop as there are all manner of things hidden away here: ornaments, make-up bags, postcards and poetic agendas – all designed and produced in Bern.

Cave and Café Alpin: Très français

The Alpin is a wonderful place indeed. On the ground floor you will find selected wines, delicacies and the bright and cheerful Les Toiles du Soleil kitchen aprons from neighbouring France. There is a great café down in the cellar where you can enjoy your morning coffee or an evening aperitif (oh, and here you can also sample some of the goodies you purchased on the floor above).

Confiserie Tschirren: Sweet treats

To walk past the Confiserie Tschirren without stopping and buying some of their sweet delights would take some real self-control (it’s far easier to just give in and indulge!). The trays filled with biscuits, pastries, cakes and tarts as well as delicate sandwiches and the world-famous Schoggi-Chueche are so tempting that it would be a sin not to step inside and at least sample one of the treats.

Büchi Nassrasieren: Moustache and beard specialists

At the Büchi you will find the perfect gift for the well-groomed man: shaving creams, fragrances, hair care and much more. Of course, the larger stores also sell similar products, but the point of difference at the Büchi is their huge selection of premium products in beautiful packaging, the expert advice and the wonderfully nostalgic shop interior.

Ferrari: A little Italy

Bern has its own little Italy and it is located at Münstergasse 49. Take your first step across the threshold and the Swiss capital recedes into the background as you enter "bella Italia". Since 1921, Ferrari has been the address for great Italian food (including pasta and mushrooms, and, more currently, Panettone). And there’s more: here the Mediterranean mood is celebrated with the appropriate music, a hearty "Buongiorno" and baroque décor.

Flair, Blumen- und Hofboutique (farm shop): Ravens and roses

Judica and Urs Altmann run the Kardenhof farm in Kerzers. The farm’s produce includes the organically cultivated flowers that they sell as artistic arrangements at their floral and farm boutique at Kramgasse 60. They also sell a wide range of beautifully presented preserved goods such as syrup and jam.

kb-Accessoires: Cabriolet caps, wallets and purses

You don’t have to drive a convertible to wear one of the great cabriolet caps sold by kb-Accessoires! These unique head coverings are made of leather and are available in a range of finishes. If you are looking for something more discreet, you will also find upmarket wallets and purses, and beautiful leather bags.

Küchenladen: All you need for gracious living

A visit to the Küchenladen (kitchen shop) run by Cornelia Minder-Stingelin has just one drawback: it is addictive! Bowls, cookie cutters, towels, kitchen utensils, wooden spoons, champagne coolers, crockery and accessories – everything that the cook or chef could possibly want is compactly stacked here. The attentive shop assistants are passionate about their work and look forward to showing you their wares.

Iljos Cucina: Something special for the table

Obviously the Bernese enjoy cooking – for, after all, there are several kitchen shops in the Old Town alone. At Iljos Cucina you will find a range of unusual accessories which are particularly suitable as small Christmas gifts. One of these are their "mood cups", a type of smiley made of porcelain. They are sure to put a smile on the dial of even the most irritable morning grump.

ooonyva: Clothing and accessories Made in Bern

Even the shop itself is a gem. The floor is decorated with colourful tiles while the walls are adorned with patterned wallpaper. Beautiful pieces of furniture are everywhere to be seen. It’s in this setting that clothes, bags, socks, sunglasses and candles are displayed for sale, most of which were made in Bern. Tucked away at the back of the shop there is a sewing room – and customers requiring alterations to their purchases can have these done quickly and easily.

Suzette Café & Backwerk: Put your feet up and indulge

The Bernese just adore the "chez Suzette" chocolate cakes. So do take a well-earned shopping break with coffee and cake baked by Anna, your charming host in the Brunngasse. You don’t have to leave the premises to continue shopping – on sale here are a range of beautiful little ceramic vases that are hard to resist!

Viking Moderna: Beauty from the North

Scandinavian furniture and living accessories have been around for years now. This is not surprising seen as our northern neighbours have a lot of time for gracious living during those long dark winter months. In this small business run by Portuguese architect Beatriz Tadeia you will find selected items – chairs, chests of drawers, vases, teapots – at fair prices and so beautifully staged that you will want to give your own apartment a makeover.

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