It’s all about James!

It’s all about James!
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In 1968, the Bond film "On her Majesty’s Secret Service" was shot on the Schilthorn. At Bond World you will be taken right back to the original script and the props used in those hectic times.
Switzerland is beautiful – and the producers of the James Bond movies were well aware of this too. Of the 23 Bond films made, four were partly shot in Switzerland with the most famous scenes being filmed in the Bernese Oberland on the Schilthorn. Even today, the focus there is still largely on Bond, James Bond.

The enemy is hard on the heels of the Gerber family as they whizz through the ice channel with James Bond, the father of the family, setting the pace. As he skillfully keeps twisting to the left and to the right, Diana Rigg, the mother, gazes adoringly at him while the children are yelling joyfully. If you would like to feel what it’s like to be James Bond on the bobrun or in an Air Glacier Alouette III helicopter all you have to do is visit the Schilthorn and try out the simulators at the Bond World interactive exhibition.

Shot in the airy heights

Since 1968, the Piz Gloria 360°-restaurant has been perched high atop this famous Bernese mountain at almost 3,000 metres above sea level. This round building with its glass facade is set at the edge of an elongated ridge just as the terrain takes an abrupt plunge into the depths. It revolves on its own axis every 48 minutes. This alone would be sufficient to ensure that this creation by Bern architect Konrad Wolf would be renowned far and wide. However, its fame is further cemented by the presence of the thousands of visitors from all around the world who come here for another reason: In 1969, it was here that the sensational James Bond movie On her Majesty’s Secret Service was made, which even now is still vividly remembered by the locals in and around Mürren.

Memories of a hectic period

After the film was made, the crew left all the movie props used on the mountain in the hands of the restaurant owners. After Bond World was opened in 2013, visitors have been able to view such displays as the original script and the plastic replicas of a 1957 military assault rifle. Of even more interest to many would be the short videos of witnesses to some of the events of those busy times: a hotelier recalls the wild parties and unleashed Bond girls, Bernhard Russi tells of a dangerous ski descent during which he almost broke his neck, and a movie extra tells of the hours he stood around waiting for the chance to finally grimace and pull faces into the camera three times. These souvenirs in film provide a very personal peek behind the scenes and transport you back to the days when George Lazenby, Ursula Andress, Telly Savalas and Diane Rigg caused a stir in the mountains of the Bernese Oberland. It was also the only time that Bond was played by George Lazenby and it is the only Bond film in which 007 was married.
Since August 2015, the 007 Walk of Fame has enabled visitors to encounter each of the actors and the others who worked on this legendary film. And while you are viewing the information boards bearing these famous names, don’t forget to cast the odd glance at the surrounding Bernese Alps, which reach into the sky much like the perfectly formed peaks and spikes sculpted on top of a cream cake.

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