A hotel made of snow and ice

A hotel made of snow and ice
StoriesA hotel made of snow and ice
Hidden beneath the metre-thick layer of snow and ice, fully equipped igloo-style rooms for more than 40 people can be found, complete with sanitary facilities, electricity and even a hot tub. One of those responsible for looking after them is Canadian Morgan Heidecker.

Igloo Village Gstaad (Video: Switzerland Tourism)

Igloo Village Gstaad

The Igloo Village Gstaad, in the Bernese Oberland, can be found in Saanerslochgrat. On skis, it can be reached via one of five valley stations, while those on foot can get there in comfort on the Saanersloch cable car from Saanenmöser, which opened new in 2018.

Morgan Heidecker

As a brick mason, electrician, musician and even a lifeguard, the Canadian looks for and finds solutions each day to ensure an unforgettable experience for the igloos’ guests.

“This may be the coolest job in the world – in every respect.” Morgan Heidecker

Bubbles in the ice

The outdoor pool is open to all guests. If you like things a little more exclusive, you can book the suite, with its own, one-of-a-kind hot tub. A hole in the ceiling to take the steam away makes this possible: the luxury hot tub is actually in an igloo, surrounded by wooden flooring and stylish changing facilities behind black wood.

Almost everything is ice

Benches, bedside tables, and even parts of the bathroom: the interiors are essentially made completely of ice, an extremely exciting material which is showcased here in all its variety. But the work isn’t easy – far from it, in fact. Even sweeping the floors is a somewhat different job at the igloo hotel.

Around 2,000 hours go into creating the artfully crafted hotel facility anew each November. From playfully ornate to strict geometric lines – each of the 13 rooms is given an entirely individual design.

“The job of shovelling is tiring, but the delicate repair work to the decor provides a creative outlet.” Morgan Heidecker

Staying up high

The mountain’s guests usually disappear once the sun goes down. But not at the Igloo Village: at an altitude of almost 2,000 metres, you can stay close to the sky all night long. Against the panoramic backdrop of the Alps, the sky comes alive in an impressive firework of colour. With a little luck, you’ll be treated to live music that suits the occasion, too.

Music with Morgan

Canadian Morgan was already writing her first original songs as a teenager. With themes of heartbreak and romance, they sound somewhat vulnerable – a bit like an igloo, really. The unique acoustics that an igloo offers showcase the melodies perfectly.

Bedded down on eight layers

Nobody wants to freeze. The many layers ensure that no cold from the icy bedframe can reach guests once they’ve bedded down for the night. Even when the temperature in the igloo is scarcely above zero, this will keep ensure you get a good – and cosy – night’s sleep.

One last time

The fondue was first-class, the atmosphere fantastic, and the beds are ready. But there’s still time to get out and breathe in the fresh mountain air once last time – with a great view of the clear, starry night’s sky.

Igloo Village Gstaad

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