Sleeping in a former prison wing

Sleeping in a former prison wing
StoriesSleeping in a former prison wing

A journey of discovery in Thun

It's like travelling back in time: Lisa and Christoph stayed at the Boutique Hotel Schlossberg, the former prison wing of Thun Castle. Join them as they discover the charming Alpine town of Thun.
We are Lisa and Christoph. For two days, we had the privilege to explore the diverse town of Thun, the gateway to the Bernese Oberland region. The old town of Thun, with its picturesque upper main street, was really fascinating. Here, smart house, boutiques, hip bars and trendy shops line the high street.

Arriving at the townhall square, we became curious about the erstwhile functions of each historical building. It would have been easily possible to book a guided city tour. Instead, we made use of a history-focussed guidebook to get our bearings. Luckily for us, every building and staircase was well signposted.

Holiday vibes by the water

Thun is surrounded by water. The city centre, the Bälliz, is an island in the middle of the Aare river near the outflow of Lake Thun. The water instantly gives you that holiday feeling and you can really enjoy the town while strolling across the bridges or along the quay. If you are lucky with the weather, you can even watch and photograph the daring surfers at the two lock bridges.

Travel through time at the castle

Thun Castle has stood at the top of the castle hill, overlooking the water, for many years. It resembles a princess or knight’s castle, does it not? The castle museum invites visitors to enjoy a journey back in time. At the top of the tower, we were rewarded with magnificent views of the surrounding Alps, the town and the lake. Every step up the stairs was well worth the effort.

Boutique Hotel Schlossberg

After visiting the castle museum, we were looking forward to our stay at the Boutique Hotel Schlossberg, the former prison wing of Thun Castle. The hosts gave us a really warm welcome. We immediately felt at home and were of course very excited about the special, exclusive tower room and the private spa. You can even reserve the SPA area for yourself in advance, which is definitely worthwhile. Relaxation and unwinding were easy in the steam bath, sauna and stylish whirlpool.

Dinner with a panoramic view

For dinner you can sit in the castle’s inner courtyard with cosy tables, by candlelight right next to the castle fountain, or on the summer terrace. We opted for the terrace, which offers probably the most beautiful view of Thun, and let ourselves be spoilt with regional specialities from the Alpine region. Enjoying the evening sun until the very last ray rounded off the day in Thun to perfection.

Boutique Hotel Schlossberg
Thun Castle

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