Twann & Ligerz

Twann & Ligerz

The winegrowing villages around Biel/Bienne are not just enchanting because of their wine

Twann and Ligerz have a few things in common: visitors enjoy the combination of a lake breeze, vineyards and a mild climate that creates a Mediterranean mood.
What’s more, both villages host a string of annual celebrations. From the “Läset-Sunntige” in Ligerz to the “Trüelete” in Twann, guests are delighted by village markets, music, wine cellar tours and regional specialities. The Propfhüsli in Twann continues a tradition that stretches back over a hundred years, giving wine lovers a chance to taste the fine wines produced by local growers.

In vino veritas

Twann, Ligerz and the surrounding area are truly at the heart of winemaking. A papal letter proves that wine has been grown by Lake Biel since 866. Anyone with an interest shouldn’t miss the vineyard trail, one of Switzerland’s most beautiful hiking routes. The educational trail leads to the “Hof” wine museum, where visitors can experience and discover the fascinating world of winegrowing on several floors.

Along the shore and through the vineyards

Families have a wonderful time on the Fish Trail from Ligerz to Twann. Close to the idyllic Lake Biel, it passes by nine themed stations where youngsters can play as long as they like. It’s also the ideal starting point for a cruise on Lake Biel or a visit to a restaurant. From Magglingen, it’s worth taking a trip to the Twannbach Gorge to see the cascading waters. Those who prefer to be driven around can climb aboard the Viniterra wine train and ride through the vineyards at a leisurely pace.

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