Bernese Jura

Bernese Jura

Archery to winter sports: outdoor activities galore

From the impressive old town in La Neuveville to the “wages of the Suze” tour in Courtelary, fascinating places and events are what makes the Bernese Jura so attractive.
Amateur archers and glider pilots alike will find their thrill in the Bernese Jura. This region is also a paradise for water lovers. The Three-Lakes cruise covers lakes Biel, Neuchâtel and Murten, all connected by multiple canals. While mountain bikers will find an adventure playground in Nods, Moutier offers spectacular natural wonders including the Gorges of Moutier and Court. Afterwards, places with colourful names like Tavannes, Tramelan and Saint-Imier are just waiting to be discovered.

The joy of the slopes

Les Bugnenets-Savagnières is a real hotspot for winter sports enthusiasts. Seven lifts carry skiers to altitudes of up to 1,460 metres, where 30 kilometres of slopes await. Snowshoe trekkers can tackle the route from Mont Soleil to Mont Crosin, with or without a hiking guide. Whatever sport you prefer, the area has earned a reputation for its wide range of activities.

Jura trekking

The universe may be far away, but varied hiking trails are just around the corner in the Bernese Jura. Hikers can witness the rugged beauty of nature on the Pioneer Trails, visit farms on the Organic Trails or strengthen their body, spirit, emotions, energy or sense of grounding on the ten Revitalising Walks. Those who prefer to travel by bike will find a challenge on the Lötschberg-Jura Route 64. On the other hand, the route around Lake Biel is a thoroughly relaxing ride.

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