The best throughout the years: The Past and the Present go hand in hand

Surrounded by castles and close to the lake, more than 40,000 people call Thun their home. Due to the mixture of culture, shopping and indulgence in a small area, Thun is well loved by its inhabitants.
Also known as the gateway to the Bernese Oberland, Thun is particularly famous for its historical Old Town with a castle that dates back to the 12th century. A visit to the castle is worthwhile, not only because of its restored Knights Hall. Another highlight of the city is Lake Thun. Visitors can enjoy a tour on the lake with one of the steamer cruises or discover the castles and their beautiful parks and gourmet restaurants along the shore. If you would like to find out what Thun looked like 200 years ago, you should visit Schauda Park. The 360° painting portrays panoramic views of the city in 1810. With its arts fair “Künstlerbörse”, the “Thuner Seespiele” (Lake Thun Festival) and the Thun Fest, the city has plenty to offer for those interested in culture.

A wonder of the world close up

Standing in front of the Niesen, which is also known as Thun’s local mountain, you feel like being catapulted to Egypt – at least for a moment. Apart from its pyramid shape, the stunning views and its gentian-covered slopes, the Niesen is also known for one other particularity: it has the longest staircase in the world with more than 11,600 steps that lead up to its summit. The staircase, however, is only open to the public once a year for the Niesen Stairway Run event.

Discover the best secrets of Thun

As nice as it is to discover Thun on your own, by participating in one of the many guided city tours, visitors will learn about all the best secrets Thun has to offer. The guided tour around the Old Town introduces visitors to the culture of the Zähringen town; its beginnings date back to the Stone Age. Other guided tours present Thun’s culinary character or invite visitors to uncover secret treasures. A trip to the Merligen Lido is a perfect way to cool down in between the tours.


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