Giessbach Falls

Giessbach Falls

Sport, nature and recreation await visitors to the Giessbach Falls

The mighty waterfall thunders down in 14 stages over a length of 500 metres. To explore it from above, take a ride on Europe’s oldest funicular railway.
Where the Giessbach Falls end is where Lake Brienz begins. As soon as you’ve admired the powerful cascade of water by the Grand Hotel Giessbach, you’ll be tempted by a cruise on the traditional “Lötschberg” paddle steamer. It’s also worth making a detour to the village of Iseltwald, where visitors grab a stand-up paddle board and do their best to cross Lake Brienz on their feet.

A night in a fairy-tale castle

Amid mountains, forests and meadows, the Grand Hotel Giessbach has welcomed visitors for more than a century. Its restaurants, Les Cascades and Le Tapis Rouge, serve the finest cuisine. Meanwhile, the 22-hectare park and garden are full of different flowers and plants which guests can discover on a short tour. They can also enjoy a refreshing dip in the adjoining natural pool with water temperatures up to 25℃.

Spoilt for choice

The fresh Alpine air, leafy canopies and the powerful spray of the Giessbach Falls are a delight for keen hikers and cyclists. Those who want to get as close to the waterfall as possible without getting wet can follow the path below. Bolder visitors can indulge their adventurous side on the discovery trail, overgrown with plants and dotted with remnants of dry walls. For a more leisurely experience, admire the raging cascade from your seat in the Giessbachbahn funicular railway.

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