Adrenaline kick

Adrenaline kick
River rafting, canyoning, bungee jumping – yes, the Bernese Oberland is a paradise for just those types of sports that set the pulse racing, the heart thumping, the nerves on edge and the sweat flowing – even with the most intrepid adrenaline junkies.

Bungee Jumping at the Stockhorn

Once the walkers and hikers have returned to the valley, it's time for the real Stockhorn adventure to start: After the scheduled Stockhornbahn rides have finished, the courageous bungee jumpers catch a leisurely cable car ride up toward the Stockhorn. But instead of continuing to the mountain station, they get out (or rather, jump out) the gondola when it's only halfway up. During the 134-metre jump they are literally hanging on the end of a rope: for this is exactly how long it is before they hit the waters of the Hinterstockensee. Those who wish to, can opt for a "bungee dip" – and end up in the water for a short dip.

Skydiving in Interlaken

"Skydiving makes you happy" according to Beat Schweizer. And he should know for, after all, this trained Tandem Master has already leapt out of a plane at a lofty height for more than 8,000 times. Imbued with his desire to share with others just how wonderful it feels to freefall for 45 seconds from 4,000 metres above sea level, he founded his company, Skydive Interlaken GmbH, in 1999. Each year since then, he and his team have accompanied hundreds of people up into the heavens and then in tandem again back to solid ground. "We don't have any typical guests" he said. His clients include his own countrymen who are seeking that special "thrill" as well as foreign tourists who simply want to experience an adrenaline rush as they view the countryside from the air. "We recently had an entire Indian family here, including the 80-year-old grandmother". The Eiger jump is especially recommended. Here you jump out of a helicopter right in front of the Eiger North Face and – because you have a parachute on – you gently touch down in Grindelwald.

Canyoning at the Grimselwelt

If you want to get really close up and personal with the unique rock formations and crystal clear water, all you have to do is pluck up the courage and front up at the Grimselwelt for a spot of canyoning. Start out at the Grimsel Pass and descend at the end of a rope 50 metres down into the gorge. Down below you can watch the young and boisterous Aare river as it wends its way among the rocks. Then it's time to spend two hours in the company of an experienced guide as you explore the fascinating world of water. Slide, swim, jump and dive. You do not necessarily have to have good swimming skills, but you do need to be physically fit, at least 14 years old, and not weigh more than 125 kilos.

Rafting in the Lütschine

As far as rafters are concerned, the stretch along the Lütschine is one of the most exciting in all the Alps. So it is not for nothing that the website clearly warns that it is "only suitable for athletic and courageous participants". If you are brave enough (and fit enough), you board the boat below the Eiger North Face and safely negotiate the several class three and four (difficult and very difficult) white-water rapids along the picturesque Brienz river as far as your destination. With all the turbulence and spray you would think you were down at the foot of Niagara Falls – but luckily, however, each participant is given a waterproof suit and a helmet before setting out. And the fact that, afterwards, most take a dip in the tranquil waters of Lake Brienz, speaks volumes for just how wonderful this wild and watery "Lütschine" adventure really is.

Helicopter flight over the Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe

Thanks to all your pre-flight excitement and anticipation, your tour really starts before you leave the ground! There are a range of scenic flights over the Bernese Oberland that set out from the Lauterbrunnen heliport and from the Bern-Belp Airport and you can choose from flight durations ranging between 15 and 90 minutes. You can also arrange additional helicopter experiences including themed and romantic flights, event offers and company excursions along with advice and additional services. We should warn you that such a helicopter flight is not the end of the story. It will surely leave you wanting the total flying sensation that comes when you take over the controls yourself. This adventure is just the start...

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