Take the plunge and discover the city in swimming trunks

The Parliament Building, the Aare and the BearPark: This is Bern. The Swiss capital, however, has so much more to offer than the usual sights.
When it comes to sightseeing, no other city can compare to Bern. The Swiss capital offers a unique way to discover the city: by water. So, pack your swimwear, plunge into the Aare and let yourself drift past the Parliament Building, the Bern Cathedral (Münster) and the BearPark where a bear family has been living in their redesigned enclosure since 2009.

The Old Town’s architectural highlights

The Rose Garden is a picturesque park above the BearPits and has been home to these elegant flowers since 1917. Why not take a moment to relax and read a book from the Rose Garden’s own library. It is only a short stroll from the park to the Old Town of Bern, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Sheltered by the 6-km-long shopping promenade, these arcades are called the “Lauben” and are perfect for exploring the Old Town with its architectural highlights, such as the fountains and bay windows with Renaissance features. The Clock Tower (Zytglogge) is in the heart of the Old Town and is undoubtedly a highlight for all ages with its hourly show of moving figures. A visit to one of the many museums is also worthwhile as it is not without reason that Bern is a stronghold of culture. There are plenty of museums to choose from.

Festivals and nature on Bern’s local mountain

Every year, the Gurten Festival with its national and international bands attracts thousands of music fans over four days. During the remaining 361 days Bern’s local mountain is also a perfect place to linger. The locals call it lovingly the “Güsche” and it is a true paradise for children. The little ones can run around on the playground or take a ride on the miniature railway.


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