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Destination Bern
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City, country, river – the destination Bern and its superlatives

The longest covered shopping arcades in Europe, the most famous cheese in the world, the longest river in Switzerland and a UNESCO World Heritage site. In brief: Bern.
Cosy and hospitable – these two attributes perfectly describe the destination Bern. The city and the communities in the destination distinguish themselves also through their many superlatives. Visitors of the Old Town in Bern, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, can stroll along the longest covered shopping arcades in Europe. The Aare, which is one of the major landmarks in the Swiss capital apart from the Clock Tower (Zytglogge), can also show off with a superlative: it is the longest Swiss river that both rises and ends entirely within Switzerland. Furthermore, in summer it offers a classic Bern highlight: boating down the Aare. Further sights are the local mountain, Gurten, the BearPark as well as numerous museums.

Kambly biscuits, Emmentaler cheese and rare animals

There is plenty to discover outside the city. Breathtaking panoramic views, typical Bern farmhouses, ancient castles, dense forests and rare animal species can be found in the Nature Park Gantrisch. Then there is the Emmental Region with its internationally renowned Kambly biscuits and the world’s most famous cheese – the Emmentaler. Or take your pick of the many outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling and skiing.

Destination Bern

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