Sibe Brünne and Simmen Falls

Sibe Brünne and Simmen Falls
RegionsAdelboden-Lenk-KanderstegSibe Brünne and Simmen Falls

The source of the Simme

As a part of the Simme, the Simmen Falls flow into the valley floor of the Lenk. They enchant observers with their mighty swooshing and thundering as they crash down.
Anyone who scales the Rezliberg will sooner or later reach Siebenbrünnen, the source of the Simme and of the Simmen Falls. A closer look reveals the crevice from which the water flows, transporting up to 2,800 litres per second in summer. It is no wonder that this place is a popular place of power: perfectly suitable for resting and recharging one’s own energy reserves.

Guests of the Hotelrestaurant Simmenfälle not only have access to the waterfalls via a footpath. They can also use the opportunity to spend the night in a treehouse or tipi tent – the gentle swooshing of the water in the background helps one fall asleep. Excursions to delightful alpine dairies, to the Engstligenalp with a view of the glaciers of the Wildstrubel, or to the Fluhseeli in the middle of the mountains ensure unforgettable experiences related to the waterfalls.

Strollers welcome

The best option for those wanting to get to know the surrounding area is to hike from the Simmen Falls to the Siebenbrünnen. With sufficient stamina, one can extend the tour to the Iffigenalp. The trail is lined by numerous attractions. The route runs over the Barbara Bridge, through the woods, and onto the Langermatte. Interested visitors can here find out about the saga “Wyberschlacht auf der Langermatte”. The terrain is also impressive, including both the moorland of Sparemoos and also the crater landscape of Gryden.

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