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Some useful and not-so-useful figures on the Canton of Bern

Bern is the most diverse tourist canton in Switzerland, as the following facts and figures will prove.

Around 10,000 kilometres of hiking paths, 874 kilometres of slopes, 222 transport facilities, 800 lakes, 9,898 cycling routes and 88 breweries are waiting to be explored. The Zytglogge – Bern’s clock tower at the centre of the city’s Old Town and a UNESCO World Heritage site – attracts thousands of visitors every day with its mechanics. The three bears, who currently live in Bern’s Bear Pit, also enjoy stardom and are a highlight with visitors. Talking about bears, there are 116 restaurants in the Canton of Bern which carry the Swiss word “Bär” in their name. And if you ever asked yourself how large the holes in an Emmentaler cheese are on average or what the highest point in Bern is, don’t look any further. Find an overview of the answers to these and other important and not-so-important facts here.

Drinks to suit any mood!

Drinks to suit any mood

Extreme, more extreme – Outdoor Made in Bern!

Extreme more extreme Outdoor Made in Bern

Shopping Paradise - Lower Old Town

Shopping Paradise Lower Old Town

Beer and Beach at Lake Biel

Beer and Beach at Lake Biel

Facts & figures

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