Highest point in the Bernese Jura

Saint-Imier, Schüss, Lake Biel and Val-de-Ruz: the Chasseral is not only the highest point in the Bernese Jura, it is also located within a diverse region.
Visiting the Chasseral, you can’t help but notice its trademark – the 120-m-high antenna of its telecommunication station. But there is so much more to discover than this prominent eye-catcher: the Comb Grède nature reserve on one side and the high plateau Tessenberg on the other side. A particular highlight presents the bison ranch which excites both small and not-so-small visitors alike.

Nature as an event

At the Chasseral nature reserve, sustainable development plays a prominent role. Visitors can still explore the reserve’s variety: there is plenty of flora and fauna to discover, and the mountain lodges, the so-called Métairies, as well as other gastronomic establishments offer the region’s culinary delights. 387 square kilometres of landscape provide a variety of moors, pastured woodlands and rock formations for visitors to enjoy.

Many paths lead to the Chasseral

12 hiking trails, 4 mountain bike routes, several theme trails and bridleways fill the hearts of outdoor fans with joy. The Chasseral is the ideal place to both explore nature and to enjoy the alpine panorama which stretches over 250 km. The hike from the Chasseral to Prés d’Orvin is ideal for families and offers views of the three lakes.


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