Gantrisch Nature Park

Gantrisch Nature Park
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A Gantrisch autumn is a many-splendoured thing

The lush green, gently rolling hills and rugged rock faces of the Gantrisch Nature Park are guaranteed to set the hearts of all thrill-seekers and nature lovers racing. Wonderful panoramic trails, excellent restaurants and the Gantrisch Rope Park all await you.

Day 1

Gantrisch: Hiking along the panoramic trail

With its excellent location close to Bern, Fribourg and Thun, the Gantrisch panoramic trail is particularly pleasant, offering not just plenty of fresh mountain air and plenty of exercise, but also breathtaking views of the surroundings. To the south the Stockhorn range feels almost within grasp; and to the north, the gaze is inexorably drawn to the Schwarzenburg and Bernese Mittelland. While the mountains of central Switzerland and the Bernese Oberland can be admired to the east, to the west the lake of Schwarzsee, the western Alps and the lakes of Biel, Murten and Neuchâtel are all discernible.
Gantrisch panoramic trail

Day 2

Oberbütschel: Switch off along the ‘Musse-Pfad’

The ‘Musse:um’ circular path is the perfect trail to unwind and relax. Indeed, there are plenty of wooden benches along the 5.3 km circuit to take a break and savour the setting. Those in search of relaxation will find various suggestions for gentle exercise routines designed to help you unwind and ease away any tension, calm your breathing, and sharpen your awareness and perception. Complete relaxation is guaranteed if you’re able to secure the much sought-after seat on the ‘Bank zum Nichtstun’ (‘bench of indolence’) and contemplate the landscape either through the blue lens or the yellow lens.
Musse:um Unwinding Trail (German)

Day 3

Rüschegg: An adrenaline rush at the Gantrisch Rope Park

The Gantrisch Rope Park allows children and adults alike to zip down at speed among the golden-yellow treetops, climb the trees, and balance their way along wobbly suspension bridges. Three of the fourteen obstacle courses are suitable for children from the age of five. Older children and adults can venture up to loftier heights, for example all the way up to Switzerland’s highest rope-park platform. The restaurant and BBQ spots make for ideal pit stops.
Gantrisch Rope Park (German)

Culinary tip

Oberbütschel: Restaurant Bütschelegg

The Bernese Alps are the perfect backdrop for the Restaurant Bütschelegg, which sits enthroned up on the Rüeggisberg. Besides traditional classics such as rösti and cordon bleu, the menu also features more exotic dishes such as spring rolls and a selection of curries. Once replete, you can then make your way up to the Uecht observatory and gaze up at the starry skies. Skies permitting, the observatory is open every Wednesday evening.
Restaurant Bütschelegg (German)

Accommodation tip

Guggisberg: Hotel Restaurant Sternen Guggisberg

Enjoy the beautiful view of the Fribourg Alps from the Restaurant Sternen Guggisberg. The hotel has nine cosy and contemporary double rooms. While the restaurant serves seasonal dishes and popular classics, out on the terrace you can also enjoy the last rays of the setting sun.
Hotel Restaurant Sternen Guggisberg (German)

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