Who didn’t dream of this as a child? Sleeping next to sheep, cows, pigs or horses in the straw. Agrotourism in the Canton of Bern makes it possible.
Being woken up in the morning by baaing sheep and crowing hens. Milking cows or exploring the surrounding area in the afternoon. In the evening, enjoying regional delicacies and sleeping peacefully in the straw. Agrotourism combines active recreation, experiencing nature, wellness and rural culture and makes it possible for the guests to experience everyday life on the farm up close.

Holidays on the farm

In the Canton of Bern, holidays on the farm offer pure variety – the guests learn more about life on the farm, the traditions and customs, cheesemaking or the feeding of the animals. From riding trips to lama or cow trekking to angling: countless activities invite guests to exercise in the fresh air. And even winter sportspeople are catered to, because it is usually possible to go directly from the farm onto the piste.

Sleeping in straw

The Canton of Bern offers its guests a special kind of holiday: sleeping in straw. Cuddled up in their sleeping bag, guest will enjoy an impressive experience. Anybody who wants to can give the host family a hand in their daily work, clear out the stables and feed the animals. At the same time, gourmets get their money’s worth with the authentic Buure-Zmorge (brunch) or on an exploration tour in the fresh air. And various farms have also found a suitable alternative for people with allergies: they can sleep in a separate room on a mattress on the floor – without having straw tickling their nose in the night.

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