Fondueland Gstaad

Fondueland Gstaad

Enjoy a fondue to breathtaking views

A fondue in the mountains is an experience at any time of the year! With its vast choice of cheese specialities Gstaad has something special to offer all cheese lovers.
Fondueland Gstaad has the perfect fondue treat in store for you: with three oversized caquelons (fondue pots) and two fondue huts. Each location is easy to reach on foot, by mountain bike, by sledge or on snowshoes and the panoramic views are unrivalled.

Fondue backpacks

With these fully equipped fondue backpacks you can choose to enjoy your fondue either in a caquelon or at your favourite spot in the great outdoors. Simply order your fondue the day before your hike from any of the participating dairies.

Fondue carriages

Don’t fancy hiking? Then the fondue carriage is the right choice for you! Carriage operator Johann von Grünigen is out and about all year round with his covered, heated fondue carriage that seats a maximum of 20 people.

Fondueland Gstaad

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