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Typical Bern – Alpine descents, yodelling, Schwingen, meringues and lacemaking

Traditions are part of Bern’s everyday life. To this day, Gstaad has retained its Alpine authenticity, and the AlpKultur® Days Lenk offer insights into the centuries-old traditions of the Simmental.
If you are interested in culture, come to the Bern Region and the Bernese Oberland where you will experience Bern in its full authenticity – yodelling, the Swiss sports of Hornussen and Schwingen as well as lacemaking are part of everyday life here. In the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum, 100 traditional houses are waiting to be explored. Actors portray in different plays how the rural population lived and worked in the olden days. On Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, it gets spooky in Kandersteg when the Pelzmartiga move through the village to frighten people. Immerse yourself in the Alpine life with a farm holiday. On the farm, guests learn how to make Alpine cheese, Mutschli cheese, meat and cold meats as well as how to milk a cow.

The traditional side of Bern: AlpKultur® Days Lenk

Get up close to the traditions and the customs of the Simmental with the AlpKultur® Days Lenk. Through workshops participants will learn various skills, such as the Simmental art of paper cutting or the Hornussen, an indigenous Swiss sport. For the Alpine festival, the Älplerfest, cows are lovingly adorned with flowers and are presented to the audience who will then crown the most beautiful four-legged Miss Lenk. Simmental’s cows are famous all over the world and during the AlpKultur® Days Lenk, they are the number one attraction.

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