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Deluxe shopping: from the finest chocolate to the most exquisite jewellery

The Canton of Bern is a real shopping paradise. Visitors and locals alike are spoiled for choice in the diverse boutiques, souvenir shops and stores.
Savour some mouth-watering chocolate while enjoying the Alpine panoramic views. The LINDT Swiss Chocolate Heaven shop on the Jungfraujoch makes it possible. In luxury Gstaad, visitors will find luxurious boutiques, jewellers as well as delicatessen shops offering regional produce. The car-free centre of the village is perfect for a relaxing stroll. Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region also offer everything your heart desires: sporting goods, fashion, souvenirs, accessories and even Alpine Whisky.

Shopping Paradise - Lower Old Town

Shopping Paradise Lower Old Town

Indulgence at its finest

Stroll along the six kilometres of covered shopping arcades and explore confectionery shops, soap manufacturers, jewellers, home accessories boutiques and shops with typical Bernese produce, such as the trendy ginger liqueur “Ingwerer”: the Swiss capital is a real shopping paradise. Even when the weather is bad, the UNESCO World Heritage site has something to offer. Shopping malls, such as the Wankdorf Center or the Westside Erlebnis-Center invite visitors to linger. Thun doesn’t only spread its charm when it comes to sightseeing. Shoppers will also be enthralled. In its narrow alleys with the traditional raised pavements, there are a variety of shops that are waiting to be discovered – each with views onto the ancient Old Town.

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