Bernese Castles

Bernese Castles

Not just a facade: the region’s castles are also impressive on the inside

The magnificent buildings between Bern and Thun offer a unique perspective on the past. Thanks to them, visitors can still admire many different eras today.
Schadau Castle in Thun was built in a mixture of historic styles, combining Tudor-Gothic and Neo-Renaissance elements. Besides its elaborate facade, it stands out thanks to its picturesque location by the lake. Thun Castle also offers many insights into the past with its donjon and keep, its 31-metre-deep well and the late Gothic Neues Schloss (new castle). In Spiez, the early Romanesque basilica catches the eye, as do the 12th century murals.

Oriental feeling and architecture from a bygone age

In Oberhofen on Lake Thun, guests visit the castle with its late medieval hall, redesigned in neo-Gothic style in the 19th century. Its tower houses an Oriental smoking room, which offers visitors a magnificent view of the surrounding area. The domestic culture of historicism and Art Nouveau is exhibited in the museum at Hünegg Castle. In contrast, the grounds of Schwarzenburg Castle contain one of the last preserved examples of a “Tätschdachhaus”, a house with a low-pitched roof with full gable ends that carries loose-laid wooden shingles.

Majestic gardens

Once visitors have explored the castles’ magnificent interiors, heavenly gardens await them outside. Richly ornamented fountains among exotic tree species make them long for faraway places. Visitors to the baroque herb gardens and colourful rose gardens are tantalised by the variety of fragrances. And those who pass through the pergola of hornbeams walk in the footsteps of the noble figures who once spent their time here.

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