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Visitors work on their handicap in Bern

Few sports combine elegance and closeness to nature as successfully as golf. The greens in Bern are aimed equally at beginners and experts.
Becoming one with the club, taking a swing, and making the perfect tee shot. The little ball flies through the air in a high arc, past trees, mountains, and plants. For hobby and professional golfers there is probably no better feeling. In the Canton of Bern, they can pick from an embarrassment of riches. Games like flag match, against par, stroke play and greensome are just a few of the variations that players can choose from.

Improve your handicap

Because practice makes perfect, you can train at the different schools and academies before getting down to the serious business of the game. From the basic rules to the perfect swing to putting – golf novices become golf experts here.
Golf Emmental, Oberburg – Bern Region
Golf Emmental, Oberburg – Bern Region

More than just golf

Fans of the sport can also combine it with other experiences. After an 18-hole tour, an exclusive gourmet menu or a wellness treatment are the ideal way to end the day. Or one can get to know the many facets of Switzerland on a golf round trip. Participants can here try out their skills on the varied courses of the towns, but at the same time discover the landscapes and attractions.

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