Greenfield Festival

Greenfield Festival
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09 – 11 June 2022

Tune out from everyday life and tune into the music

Since 2005, the Greenfield Festival in Interlaken has established itself as a musical highlight. Every year, around 40 bands send the crowds into raptures.
From the Bright Eyes to The Prodigy and The Hives: rock, punk and metal are well represented at the festival, with world-class acts and aspiring young artists. A special atmosphere awaits the audience on a former airfield in Interlaken, which can comfortably be reached with shuttle and night buses. There are plenty of parking spaces around the premises for those who prefer to arrive by car. And if it gets too hot, visitors can go for a quick dip in the Bönigen Lido and Lake Brienz, which are only a stone’s throw away from the festival.

Burning down the Hand

The programme around the musical performances also ensures a great atmosphere. The medieval market, the skate park including halfpipe and party zone simply make time fly by. If you wish to dress up for the festival, you should head to the Freak Market. Accessories, airbrush makeup and a piercing studio will provide you with a perfect new style from head to toe. Dance enthusiasts can recharge their batteries before the next act in the Street Food Corner and the breakfast tent. The grand finale of the festival is the so-called Burning Hand. Massive tree stumps provide the basis for the “hand” which is 8 m high and has a radius of 5 m. In a spectacular ceremony, this Burning Hand will be burned amidst a cheering crowd of visitors.


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