Gstaad Züglete

Gstaad Züglete
04 September 2021

The traditional Alpabzug: a feast for the eyes

Cowbells tinkling high and low, dairy cows festooned with flowers – Gstaad’s traditional Züglete is an event well-worth experiencing. It’s the time when local farmers bring their herds of cows back down to the valley and lead them through the village in a colourful procession.
The festivities begin in the morning with the ringing of the cowbells called "Ylüte der Zügleten". Then, at intervals of twenty minutes or so, Gstaad’s farming families lead their flower-adorned cow herds through the village, along the promenade. Some will have been on the move for several hours already, making their way down from the mountain pastures to the valley. In-between, visitors attending the Züglete have the option of enjoying the Menuhin Festival concert at the Kapälli Gstaad before the festivities continue with the arrival of the cattle herds, the pride and joy of their owners. A fine example of traditional customs and the authentically alpine.

A ‘fun fair’ for the whole village

Market stalls, presentations, tastings of Saanenland specialities and musical treats are the entertaining mainstays of Gstaad’s traditional Alpabzug. There’s lots to do for the little ones, too, with a kiddies’ paradise playground waiting to be discovered on the site of the ice rink. There’s also a show dairy with cheese-making, a bell foundry, and a petting zoo – great experiences all. The official crowning highlight of the festivities is scheduled for the late afternoon. After that, all the visitors are welcome to enjoy the rest of the evening at their leisure, sampling the convivial atmosphere in the village’s many restaurants.


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