Top cultural events

Top cultural events
EventsTop cultural events

Cultural offers and entertainment belong together in the Bernese Oberland

Travels to the past, open-air theatres and a night at the museums. The region’s cultural events offer visitors variety of the highest order.
Talks about the good old days are often accompanied by nostalgic pictures of the Belle Époque. Every year, Kandersteg dedicates a whole week to this era. Authentic decorations, clothes, cuisine and events await the visitors. There are for example a hat contest, sports with authentic equipment and a festive ball in the Art Nouveau style. The Museum Night in Bern inspires a sense of discovery with themes from history and the future. The event starts in the evening and lasts till late at night, and every corner of the city attracts with inspiring and educational exhibitions.

The best seats at the best venues in summer

In summer, fans of the performing arts don’t have to choose between being outside enjoying the good weather and being inside enjoying a play. The many open-air theatres provide the best of both worlds. The musicals at the Lake Thun Festival with views of the lake and the mountains are a feast for both the eyes and the ears. Fans of classical theatre or performances with a local reference will also find something on the region’s summer programme.

Top cultural events

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