The gorges of Moutier open up breath-taking views to guests

Surrounded by extraordinary nature and home to attractive sights: the charming little town of Moutier enchants in every direction.
The ruins of the Moutier-Grandval Monastery, around which the present Moutier settled in the Middle Ages, can still be viewed today. Art connoisseurs, and those who want to become art connoisseurs, pay a visit to the Chapel of Chalières to look at the Romanesque paintings. Moutier puts much more on show, however: the historical tour of the town reaches from the baroque castle to the classicist town hall. On the town tours the curious quench their thirst for knowledge of Saint Germanus or the industrial heritage of Moutier.

From the town into the land of adventure

Moutier is the ideal place to get off to a flying start exploring the Bernese Jura. At the end of the nature path there waits a pavilion that gives a unique view of the ravines that characterise Moutier and the region. Alert eyes can even discover traces of dinosaurs from prehistoric times. Other hiking and cycling routes focus on picturesque villages, dense forests, and inviting mountain inns.

Tower of Moron

From Moutier it is only a stone’s throw to a genuine eyecatcher. Amid the green landscape, the Tower of Moron juts up 30 metres like a spiral. This construction, designed by the architect Mario Botta, was completed by 700 learners in four years. Visitors reach this tower of stone on their own initiative or on a tour. From its platform it offers a gorgeous 360° panoramic view of the surrounding area.

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