The hills of the Bernese Mittelland

Whether on foot, by bicycle or by horse-drawn carriage, the Emmental Region offers perfect leisure activities for every age, taste and condition.
Hiking and walking play an important role in the Emmental. Whether it is for families with small children, couples or large groups, the hiking trails, which cover over 250 km, cater for all levels, from beginner to experienced hiker. The Emmental also offers attractive routes for those who prefer to swap their hiking boots against a mountain bike or electric bike. With more than 450 kilometres of well-marked routes, there's plenty of choice for exploring the Emmental electric bike paradise.

E-bike paradise in the Emmental

Emmentaler: Undoubtedly the most famous cheese in the world

The production of Emmentaler cheese can be traced back to the 12th century. Nowadays, Emmentaler AOP is made in around 132 cheese dairies, and of course always in accordance with the original and top secret recipe. A guided tour through the Emmentaler Show Dairy in Affoltern or a tour around the cheese cellar in Langnau is a must for all cheese lovers.

Individual offers for younger and older children

Families will love the Emmental Comic Mystery Trail, the Agricultural Trail as well as the Trail of the Senses in Lützelflüh or the Burgdorf-Wynigen Planet Path. Or how about holidays on a working farm? There are many farms in the Emmental which offer overnight stays. If you have always wanted to know how the much-loved Kambly biscuits are produced, you should plan a visit to this long-established company. Children aged 6 years and above can learn how to bake and adults may also find some inspiration, maybe through the “Creative Baking” course.



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