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In the footsteps of Icarus – the perfect place to take to lofty heights

If you always wanted to soar into the sky, you should head to the First. Various activities allow visitors to achieve the feeling of gliding through the air like a bird.
From the Marmot Trail to the scooter tour and the Bort alpine playground: visitors of all ages will find entertainment to their heart’s content. In summer, visitors can already experience a whiff of winter with the First Mountain Cars which offer pure driving fun over a course of 3 km. In winter, the classic activities take over: 60 km of slopes provide the necessary space for skiers, the snow park “White Elements” opens its doors and hobby winter sports fans can compete against each other on the downhill course of the “King of the First Hill” competition.

The rush of flying

If you want to feel like an eagle, seagull or other birds dominating the sky, you will find a wide selection at the First. The First Glider allows its passengers to float through the sky with a speed of up to 83 km/h like a bird of prey. It also carries up to four passengers from First to Schreckfeld maintaining the same speed. From heights of up to 50 m, the passengers glide over green pastures. The First Cliff Walk by Tissot is also aimed at courageous visitors. From the mountain restaurant they enter a terrace that rises 45 m out into the void.
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Lake Bachalpsee

Lake Bachalpsee

The Snow Gardeners

The Snow Gardeners

A not so well hidden jewel

Less than 50 minutes from First is the idyllic Lake Bachalpsee. This lake is also known as the blue jewel and serves as a popular picture on postcards which have been sent all over the world. The picture, however, cannot compete with reality: From its shores, visitors enjoy a constant view onto the ice-covered Bernese Alps. If you are interested in nature, you should follow the nature trail at the Bachalpsee which provides fascinating information.


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