Lake Lauenen

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Lake Lauenen

The Lauenensee is a hit – for visitors and in the charts

The band Span found it so inspiring, that they dedicated a rock ballad to the lake. No one really knows how many times the Lauenensee at the southern tip of the Lauenen valley has served as an inspiration.
Located at 1,381 m and in the heart of a nature reserve, the Lauenensee wows its visitors. Surrounded by steep mountain slopes, densely populated forests and lush meadows, the trail leading round the lake is the best way to explore it in detail. One round takes 50 minutes and leads past the restaurant of the same name, where visitors can also hire a boat. Alternatively, the Lauenensee can also be explored during a tour in an antique horse-drawn carriage.

Free as a bird

Walking past bog meadows, reedbeds and cotton-grass shrubs, you can’t help but notice that the Lauenensee is a real paradise for birds. Just a little patience and you might spot coots, tufted ducks and many other species. The lake has also successfully earned its reputation as a source for replenishing energy. The Geltenbach river and the Tungelschuss waterfall plummet past rock faces and offer visitors dramatic sights.

From the quietness of the Lauenensee to party atmosphere

The mountain cabins Geltenhütte, located at 2,002 m, and the Wildhornhütte are ideal destinations for hikers. In summer, climbers are dotted around the rock faces, while in winter, the area is transformed into a haven for skiers and snowshoe hikers. The region, marked by valleys, mountain ridges and passes, holds also many challenges for mountain bikers.

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