Bern's beer brewers

Bern's beer brewers

Altes Tramdepot – Bern

The "tram beers" at the Altes Tramdepot are all unfiltered and natural and are produced without any chemical additives. Each year, the Altes Tramdepot brewing team develops around 30 new speciality beers. The classics include the Tram-Helle, the Tram-Märzen and the Tram-Weizen. Depending on the season, they are brewed four to six times a week in the restaurant, which corresponds to approximately 3,100 hectolitres of beer per year. On request, the Altes Tramdepot offers a 20-minute guided tour for those interested.

Felsenau – Bern

Founded in 1881, Bern’s Felsenau brewery has a long history behind it. The most popular Bernese beer in Switzerland is the naturally cloudy Bärner Müntschi (Müntschi means kiss in the Bernese dialect). The locals are especially proud of it. Also, the dark Bärni and the light Bärner Junker beer are often enjoyed. Upon request, the Felsenau brewery offers a 45-minute guided tour including beer tasting. (German)

Barbière – Bern

The Barbière opened in the heart of Bern’s popular Breitenrain district in March 2014. And as the name implies, this bar is all about beer. The heart of the restaurant is its own microbrewery, which is located at the back of the restaurant in a former garage. This is where high-quality special beers and ales with influences from the Belgian, English and American brewing culture are produced. (German)

Burgdorfer Beer – Burgdorf

Burgdorfer Gasthausbrauerei AG was founded in 1999 by visionary beer enthusiasts. Since that time, a team of nine brewers in Burgdorf in the Emmental valley has been brewing a high-quality beer with local roots and an unmistakable character. The product range includes «Helle», «Aemme» and «Weizen» varieties as well as changing seasonal beer specialities. Visit the modern facility in the symbolic Burgdorf Kornhaus during a brewery tour. (German)

Egger Brewery – Worb

The Egger Brewery has been brewing beer in Worb since 1863, making it one of Switzerland’s pioneering beer specialists. The brewery uses only the best hops, malt, yeast, and water for its speciality beers. The high-quality water even comes from the brewery’s own spring, tapped by Gottfried Egger himself: a key ingredient, alongside the master brewer’s art itself, when it comes to producing good tasting beers. (German)

Burgbier – Ringgenberg

What emerged from a beer-related idea has become a hobby, a passion, and a slice of Ringgenberg. Since October 2011, the Burgbier team has been brewing beers at Ringgenberg for Ringgenberg and with water from Ringgenberg. The recipes were mainly developed by amateur brewers themselves and come in a wide range of flavours. (German)

JungfrauBräu – Brienz-Schwanden

Based in Schwanden near Brienz, JungfrauBräu AG produces a broad selection of beers, ranging from pale Zwickel lager to black ale. Founded in 2011, the company remains focused on traditional, classic types of beer, despite the current hype around craft brewing. On Fridays, the brewery in Schwanden plays host to a casual gathering of like-minded people who come to enjoy an after-work beer. It's a sociable event not to be missed. (German)

Rugenbräu – Interlaken

The Bernese Oberland is home to Rugenbräu brewery, which has been quenching the thirst of beer connoisseurs across the region and beyond for more than 150 years. As a family-owned company since its inception, the brewery celebrates tradition but also regularly surprises its customers with new creations. Rugenbräu beer is brewed on the slopes of Rugen mountain in Interlaken – rooted in local history, the company remains committed to the region. While cultivating the recipes of traditional Rugenbräu beers, the team also produces a wide range of seasonal speciality beers to suit every taste and occasion.

Haarige Kuh – Interlaken

Haarige Kuh Brauerei, also known as The Hairy Cow Brewing Co., is an independent craft brewery located in Interlaken. Inspired by the craft beer scene in the US and Britain and their passion for beer, the Hairy Cow team founded the company in 2015. The brewery produces a broad range of beers, from IPAs through to sours, and focuses on making the highest quality beer for their customers (and for themselves). All their beers are unfiltered, unpasteurised and unrefined, to maximise taste, aroma and consistency.

Thun Bier – Thun

To preserve the beer’s unique qualities, only the finest ingredients are used in the brewing pans. The carefully hand-brewed beer is meant to stand out from the crowd and trigger a wow effect from beer lovers. Served in a beautiful glass, Thun beer is not only a great companion when socialising, but is also an excellent accompaniment to a fine meal. (German)

Mikro Brauerei Old School – Faulensee

The Mikro Brauerei Old School operates out of an old school building at Faulensee. Three fermentation and aging tanks each produce 150 litres of the finest craft beer. The experimentation with hops, spices, fruits and special yeast results in exciting and highly palatable beers. (German)

3970 Nordwand Bräu – Grindelwald

This beer is brewed in Grindelwald at the foot of the legendary Eiger North Face. It is a light, top-fermented beer made from selected ingredients and is created using a traditional brewing method. This Grindelwald beer is an authentic, unadulterated beer that is worthy of its name. (German)

Bärgbier – Adelboden

Adelboden is famous for its wholesome spring water – so why not enhance this natural resource with barley malt, hops and yeast? Andy Schranz, Jürg Gyger and Ruedi Trummer are three restaurateurs who have been in the throes of brewing fever since 2015. The people of the Engstligtal call their product "Bärgbier", and it is now available in many varieties – including soft wheat, bitter IPA, and dark beer with roasted malt. They are all top-fermented – as befits a "beer from the mountains". (German)

Simmental craft brewery – Lenk

This small brewery at the end of the Simmental valley was voted Switzerland's favourite microbrewery in 2019 and 2020. Simmental beer is lovingly handcrafted and bottled by a dedicated team at the foot of the Wildstrubel massif in the Simmental valley. The company also offers engaging guided tours. To the joy of all those who've fallen for the excellent brew, Simmental beer is delivered to all areas of Switzerland. The Simmental team look forward to welcoming you. (German)

Brasserie la Marmotte – Biel/Bienne

First established in Crans-Montana, Brasserie la Marmotte has opened a second site in Biel, in the historic Atelier Verdan. Constructed before 1819 on Biel's Seevorstadt avenue, Atelier Verdan is one of the town's oldest buildings. Until 1830, the house with its unique basement vault served as a textile printing workshop, then as a wine cellar and later as an artists' atelier. After standing empty for more than 40 years, the building was renovated in 2019. Now it is home to a world of gourmet delights, with Brasserie la Marmotte's brewery, coffee roastery and distillery joined by other fine food producers offering nuts, honey, fruit juices and more. (French)

Aare Bier – Bargen

The brewery is housed on a building area of 1,000 m2 in Bargen. The Aare beer is brewed with clear spring water from the Bargenschanze and the finest aromatic hops in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. All these beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised. (German)

SeelandBräu – Nidau

After a break of almost 100 years, a brewery was once again opened in the Seeland region in 1999. The founder and owner of SeelandBräu is Hansruedi Suter. The brewery is located in the bistro of the associated Lago Lodge Swiss hostel and can also be visited. For more than 100 times a year the brewing is carried out in the attractive 10 hectolitre brewhouse directly behind the bar. Bio Suisse accredited SeelandBräu beers are produced in an environmentally friendly manner with water heated by the sun and electricity produced on the roof.

Saane Gutsch-Brauerei – Saanen

Saane Gutsch – this Saanenland beer stands for quality, purity and exclusivity! The beer, which is brewed from two barley malts, top-fermented yeast, the finest hops and local water, is noted for its balanced taste, its full-bodied character, its light, naturally cloudy colour and its effervescence. (German)

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