The popular Swiss paper chase turns the city into a playground

Visitors to Bern can enjoy an entertaining introduction to the city. The aim of the game is to find the Foxtrail fox as fast as possible.
It takes between two and four-and-a-half hours to follow the trails – provided you can decipher, crack and solve all the puzzles and codes created for the paper chase. Besides clever riddles, the organisers also have active tasks up their sleeve. From singing to generating electricity or blowing up balloons, as long as it’s fun, there are no limits to the imagination.

Fun for young and old

The various Foxtrails are aimed at all age groups and pass by Bern’s landmarks such as the Old Town, Bear Pit and Parliament Building, but also along the Aare, into the countryside and to fascinating places that you might well have missed otherwise. On foot or by bus, tram or boat, contestants rush from point to point, always searching for the cleverly hidden clues. Even cyclists can now join the hunt on a Foxtrail created especially for them.

Joining forces

The Foxtrails are a real team event. Whether you play with your family, friends, club or work colleagues, cooperation is the only way to make progress. Larger groups can also take part: staggered starts in different places help everyone keep track of the challenging paper chase. If they like, participants can head for the reception after the Foxtrail and spend the warm evening reflecting on the afternoon’s excitement over a fine glass of wine and a delicious menu.

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