Immerse yourself in the history of Romans, knights, clocks and bears

Every day, Bern attracts thousands of visitors. But Biel and Thun can easily keep up with the capital – from watches and castles to art. There is plenty to explore.
Bern is a stronghold for culture. Some of Switzerland’s famous personalities, such as Mani Matter, Büne Huber, Ferdinand Hodler and Liselotte Pulver are from Bern. No surprise, because the wide range of culture and art is an inspiration for extraordinary actions. In the City of Bern alone, there are more than 40 cultural institutions, among them the Zentrum Paul Klee or the Museum of Fine Arts. A guided tour of the city is a great way to learn more about the UNESCO World Heritage site. The walk underneath the covered arcades leads past numerous fountains with colourful figures, the city’s clock tower, the cathedral, the Bear Pit as well as the city’s walls which date back to the Middle Ages and are still in good condition.

Art and culture in Thun and Biel

When it comes to charm, Thun can easily keep up with its bigger neighbour Bern. The city enchants its visitors with its narrow alleys and its castle which presides over the Old Town. Thun combines past and present times and offers culinary creations of the highest standard. Biel, the metropolis of watch-making, also casts a spell at first sight over its visitors. The small restaurants and cafés invite guests to linger, the Lake Biel is the perfect destination to relax, and fans of history can immerse themselves in bygone eras with the Roman spring or the museums where they can learn more about the history of the watch-making industry in Biel.

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