Bern's museums at night

Bern's museums at night
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17 September 2021

For one night, the Swiss capital offers a cultural discovery tour

Visitors are inspired by timeless art at the Museum Night in Bern, or they simply enjoy the lively atmosphere at night.
The Museum Night, as an informative and cultural event, has become an integral part of the Swiss capital. It rings in the cultural spring and offers an exciting discovery tour through the city from dawn to late after midnight. It is not only the museums that take part in the event, but also the Botanical Garden, the University of the Arts, the Swiss National Library and many other institutions open their doors for the night. Night owls roam along the streets of Bern, ideally with pleasant temperatures, and cherry-pick the best of the hundreds of agenda items.

From educational theories to culinary trips

Some of the events’ venues focus on a specific motto, and thus provide visitors with a completely new insight into selected themes. It is also worth paying close attention to other aspects on offer, away from the cultural side of the tour. When you stroll down from the Einstein House to the Zentrum Paul Klee, for example, there are plenty of opportunities to sample culinary delights. The cuisine of the city can easily keep up with the diversity of the museums. The façades in the Old Town, illuminated in different colours, also create impressive moments outside of the exhibitions.


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