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A land of music: the Canton of Bern is a real talent factory

The region’s stars could easily form a full orchestra. Visitors and fans experience their idols at festivals, concerts or spontaneous performances in bars and pubs.
Blues fans love Philipp Fankhauser, the folk music enthusiasts worship Francine Jordi and rock n’ rollers revere Gölä, Züri West and Patent Ochsner, all of whom have had long and successful careers. There’s also plenty of rap and pop for music lovers to enjoy: with their beatboxing, smart rhymes and unmistakable, catchy tunes, Steff La Cheffe, Nemo and Pegasus prove that the Canton of Bern has something to offer fans of every genre.

Music is a big thing in Bern

Many of Bern’s musicians use lyrics to express their roots. Songs in the local dialect remain as popular as ever. The greatest hits of pioneers like Polo Hofer and Mani Matter are familiar to the young and old throughout Switzerland and inspire the next generation to create new classics. Among these budding artists are Lo & Leduc, a duo who first met in the Bernese dialect group Pacomé and now skilfully combine pop and rap styles.
Gurtenfestival Bern
Gurtenfestival Bern

Music every day

Several times a year, small tent villages spring up in the Canton of Bern to provide acoustic entertainment. Festivals like Greenfield, Gurten and SnowpenAir bring Swiss and international stars to the stage, giving visitors a short-term case of dance fever. Those who find the multi-day events too long can simply visit one of the many street festivals in the towns, where live music from jazz to rock is served in smaller portions.

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