Fondue, carriage and Saanenland

Fondue, carriage and Saanenland
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Tasty experience in Gstaad

Travelling through the beautiful Saanenland in a horse-drawn carriage whilst enjoying a fun fondue is a wonderful experience. The heated fondue carriage can be booked for four or more people. The landscapes provide for a relaxing ambience.
The fondue mix from Michel's Stallbeizli Gstaad is unique: it comes with a fondue carriage and harnessed horses. The carriage enables up to 16 members of a team to make their way leisurely through the Saanenland whilst stirring their travelling fondue pot. Whether savoured during a glistening, snowy winter or on a mild summer's evening, the experience remains very special. Groups with fewer members can venture into the mountains with a fondue backpack and then enjoy this cheese delicacy out in the great outdoors. This too is an unforgettable experience.

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