Highlights for your incentive trip

Highlights for your incentive trip
BusinessInspirationHighlights for your incentive trip

Trust in nature’s special gifts

Inspire and motivate your team in a whole new way: scale the airy heights, work hard together, and go tobogganing, rowing, hiking or biking through inspiring landscapes.

Shape your team in the icy heights

Here’s a real icebreaker for your team outing: At 3,466 metres above sea level, huddle together at the glistening ice bar in the middle of the fascinating Ice Palace on the Jungfraujoch Top of Europe. Here, where even the bar is made of bare ice, there’s room for up to 20 people to enjoy an aperitif, a whisky tasting or a group curling game. Why not get your group together in an unfamiliar environment and use an exclusive event to inspire and motivate all concerned? By the way, on other mountains the Jungfrau Railways also offer some other very exciting options and venues for meetings, workshops and special events with "peak experiences".

Feel the wind in your face

You are sure to have heard of, or maybe even belonged to, one of those large groups of motorcyclists that go riding together in the countryside. With clattering engines and plenty of wind in your faces, you and your group of up to 45 people can go merrily chugging your way through the Emmental. On side-roads with little traffic and picturesque views, you can enjoy – as in the good old days – the romance and the moments of shared experience. On the way, you may choose to visit an inn or stock up on homemade treats at a farm shop. A delightfully sweet scent will also lead you on to the Kambly factory shop, where you can sample over a hundred varieties of Guetzli biscuits. With this ride as a day trip or evening event with after-work beer, you will not be left behind along the way.

Sense the power in nature

Set above Kandersteg, Lake Oeschinen at 1,600 metres above sea level is a fascinating shimmering green mountain lake surrounded by unspoiled nature. In addition to the tranquility in the countryside, you and your group will also experience thrills and plenty of action all thanks to a summer toboggan run and a ride aboard a rowing boat! Alone or in pairs, go racing through the meadows and down into the valley on the 750 metre long toboggan run and then enjoy the all-round view of the mountains as you sit in a rowing boat on the lake. The shared tobogganing experience alternating with a rowing session on the water – and of course you can throw in a hike too – will show your team just how much power there is latent in nature and in each team member.
oeschinensee.ch (Row-boats)
oeschinensee.ch (Alpine summer slide)

Melt the cheese as a team

A fondue in the mountains is an experience in itself all year round! Whether you are travelling as a smaller group with the fondue backpack or as a larger team with the fondue coach – everything is possible in "Fondueland" Gstaad. With your fully equipped fondue backpack you have a free choice as to where in the beautiful natural surroundings of Gstaad you and your group wish to indulge in the creamy cheese enjoyment with crispy bread and a glass of wine. And as a larger team you also have a choice: Enjoy your fondue in one of the specially designed huts, in one of three oversized caquelons or in the covered, heated fondue carriage with room for up to 20 people.

A special experience both on and by the lake

On the water or along the shore, Lake Biel will not only sharpen your senses but will also give your team a wealth of experiences. These include riding as a group along the lake shore on locally hired e-bikes. Along the way, make the most of the vineyards as you stop off for an aperitif or wine tasting at one of the many wineries. You can also sample the famous Marc sausages served in an authentic atmosphere as you are initiated into the secrets of viticulture. And what’s more, you and your team can also easily visit the car-free St. Peter's Island while on a Lake Biel boat cruise from Biel or from a harbour along the way.

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