Active team events

Active team events
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Bring your team for an action-packed adventure – on the water, way up high or out on a hike with a murder to solve. You'll all have no end of fun and take some unforgettable memories back to the office with you.

Ride down the valley on a 3-wheel go-kart and enjoy the views

Whether your ride on a mountain kart is high-speed or leisurely, it's bound to be great fun. To go from the Metschstand top station to the Metsch middle station in Lenk takes about a quarter of an hour, and, thanks to the comfortable sitting position and good brakes, you're bound to enjoy every moment. But make sure the team doesn’t forget to admire the wonderful alpine panorama all around you!

Everyone pulling together

Success requires everyone to direct their energies in the same direction. As a way of boosting this capability, work outdoors with your team near Grindelwald or on the river Emme in the Emmental and build a rope bridge together. Following the instructions of a local mountain guide, you will tie ropes together to make a bridge you can walk over, which you will then test by crossing the river. It will take some courage, but everyone will be pleased at having accomplished something as a team.

Putting a different spin on a boat ride

This fizzing, thrilling boat jetboat ride starts near Interlaken, where it's also easy to organise a social event with snacks and a refreshing glass of wine. Donning your life-jackets and ready for action, you set off at speed in the inflatable jetboat, heading for the upper end of the lake. On the way, along with listening to some exciting local tales, you'll have lots of fun and feel an adrenaline rush as the boat twists and turns and even performs a 360-degree spin.

Hornberg on the Beach

On Lake Hornberg above Gstaad and Schönried, you can enjoy that beach feeling in alpine surroundings. Hire out Europe's highest wakeboarding facility for your team – it's easy to reach by bus, minibus, on foot or by bike. If any members of your team don't want to go flying over the lake on the lift, there are plenty of ways for them to have fun bathing in the lake, playing table-tennis or using the slacklines. (German)

Courage of the highest order

Travel just 30 minutes from Bern for a real high: the Gantrisch rope park boasts the highest platforms in Switzerland and eight different circuits where the adrenaline kicks are accompanied by shrieks of delight. Help your team to overcome their limits and at the same time discover the beautiful scenery of the Gantrisch area from a new perspective. The experience of having succeeded and shown courage together outdoors will weld your team more closely together. (German)

Corporate Volunteering in the Gantrisch Nature Park

By organising a green team event, you will be helping to preserve our natural heritage and also demonstrating your company's ecological values. We think that the incredible biodiversity of a nature park is entirely natural, but it is not. For example, neophytes – non-native plants that actually don't belong here – are constantly crowding out the native species. That's why the work of volunteers in maintaining the landscape of the Nature Park is so important, helping to maintain the diversity of nature and ensure that natural resources are used sustainably. So you and your team will not only have fun and enjoy being together outdoors, but will also make an extremely useful contribution to preserving biodiversity. (German)

Solve a crime as you walk along

On the exciting Murder Mystery Walk from Magglingen to Twann on Lake Biel, you and your team will investigate a murder from a story by Friedrich Dürrenmatt. As you walk along through this beautiful scenery, you will keep meeting actors and finding clues that will enable you to solve the mystery over a glass of wine in the evening. And along the way, you also get to enjoy a walk through the Twannbach Gorge, and a fine lunch together.

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