BE! Tourism Ltd.

BE! Tourism Ltd.
BE! Tourism Ltd.

Welcome to the tourist canton of Bern

Through its activities, BE! Tourism Ltd. enhances the canton’s tourism self-image and thereby promotes a confident market presence of its market players.
BE! Tourism Ltd. is the umbrella marketing organisation of the Canton of Bern. The company takes effective, practical and profitable steps to contribute to the medium and long-term uplift in tourism value for the Canton of Bern, thus increasing the capacity for investment and innovation by the market players at all levels of service delivery.

Annual report

 Jahresbericht 2018 (5.82 MB) (German)
 Jahresbericht 2017 (4.35 MB) (German)
 Jahresbericht 2016 (31.61 MB) (German)
 Jahresbericht 2015 (28.58 MB) (German)
 Jahresbericht 2014 (10.39 MB) (German)
 Jahresbericht 2013 (3.62 MB) (German)

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