The Aare offers many ways to cool off

The Aare offers many ways to cool off
ActivitiesWater funThe Aare offers many ways to cool off

In summer, the Aare becomes an adventure pool full of activities

Water stands for leisure, fun and recreation. For families and amateur athletes alike, Bern boasts a wealth of water-based activities.
For Bern’s inhabitants, the Aare has established itself as a substitute beach or a place for a refreshing lunch break, and guests can also enjoy this special experience. Those who fancy a different kind of sightseeing can jump into the Aare in various places and drift past the Parliament Building, the cathedral (Münster) and the Bear Pit. The sport of “Aare tubing” has achieved cult status – and no wonder: floating past the Old Town in an oversized swimming ring is an impressive experience.

Dinghy ahoy!

Boating down the Aare, or “Aareböötle” as the locals call it, is the favourite pastime of Bern’s inhabitants during the hot summer months. Aboard their dinghies, amateur captains can enjoy a barbecue, listen to music and plunge into the Aare for a cooling dip. Canoes and stand-up paddle boards are another way to explore the locals’ favourite river in an upright or sitting position. A popular excursion destination at the end of the tour is the Eichholz river beach, ideal for sunbathing and relaxing – particularly in summer.
Swimming in the Aare with the Mayor of Bern

Swimming in the Aare with the Mayor of Bern

Aare river
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Aare river

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