Water fun

Water fun
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A natural water park full of possibilities for everyone

Water is the source of all life and guarantees plenty of fun. The region allows visitors to discover gorges, waterfalls, lakes and rivers in harmony with nature.
Once the sun is out, lidos such as the Faulensee or the sandy beach on St. Peter’s Island invite visitors to leave everyday life behind. The lake Bachalpsee offers a completely different flair set in the middle of the mountains. From lofty heights waterfalls thunder down with their inimitable roaring sound.

If you prefer the more sporty side of water, you don’t have to search very far. Canyoning at the Grimsel Pass requires a great amount of courage – participants conquer the rock walls and canyons by sliding, jumping and climbing. Wakeboarders and windsurfers are literally on the same wavelength with the waves of the lake they are riding on.

Even in the city you can jump into the water without needing to worry. Bern is full with access points to the Aare, and it is a fantastic way to experience the city from a totally different perspective. Instead of swimming against the current, people let themselves drift below bridges and past the landmarks of the Swiss capital.

Water fun

The fascinating ways of water

Throughout the year, the region’s lakes are constant centres of attraction. Cruises transform the lakes into a stage with their music, gourmet or theme tours. The views onto the shore where Hünegg Castle and other magnificent buildings as well as picturesque villages and vineyards are waiting are not the only attraction. The lakes are also busy in winter. Tours by cruise or kayak create a peaceful ambience during the icy winter months.

Along the Aare river

Bernese Waters

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