Adventure Walks

Adventure Walks

Balancing act in lofty heights: adventure hikes for courageous people

Whether glass floor walkway, reconstructions of Nepalese rope bridges or swinging suspension bridges, the region’s adventure trails all have one thing in common: their stunning views.
The sky is only a stone’s throw away, the valley seems small and the mountains stretch into the sky. During mountain hikes some might find peace, others might find sporting challenges.

Männlichen: Royal Walk
In front of a majestic backdrop the Royal Walk brings visitors to the summit of the Männlichen. On the way, visitors pass “royal” information points where they learn fascinating and amusing facts about the area. Once they have reached the summit, a platform shaped like a crown offers views onto the legendary three mountains Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.
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Trift bridge
The hike to the Trift Bridge in the Gadmental valley takes 90 minutes. With a length of 170 m, it doesn’t take long to cross the rope bridge. The views onto the glacier crevasse, the lake and the cable car are worth stopping for.
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First Cliff Walk
The First Cliff Walk is a walkway that stretches from the west side of the summit to the mountain restaurant. Those who circle the summit of the First, conquer its suspension bridge and dare to walk on its walkway which stretches over 45 meters along the side of the mountain will be richly rewarded. The view expands over rocks and pastures to the Eiger.
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Schilthorn: Thrill Walk
The Thrill Walk on the Schilthorn does justice to its name: from the terrace of the bistro Birg a walkway clings to the side of the rock. A hike below the viewing platform rewards visitors with spectacular panoramic views.
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Schilthorn: Skyline Walk
The Skyline Walk also starts at the bistro Birg on the Schilthorn. Even above the clouds the view couldn’t be better. Your eyes are repeatedly drawn from the mountains to the gorge and back.
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