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Pleasant Shopping in Thun

BE! Tourism, 7.03.2017

Have a great time shopping in the Old Town of Thun: Walk through the secluded alleyways with their typical raised pavements and you will discover some very special shops in an original setting all within a compact area. After your stroll, relax at a street café along the Aare river.

Changemaker: Beauty from near and far
The Changemaker business has a slogan. It is "Ethics kisses aesthetics" – and that is precisely what is on offer at this shop in Thun. The fair-trade accessories for gracious living come from all corners of the world – the Elephbo bags were hand-made in Bosnia from Cambodian cement bags, the Dreamcatcher necklaces were made in Mexico, and the lovely handkerchiefs with their typically Swiss motifs were made in England.
Obere Hauptgasse 35, (German)
Touché: Homemade glass beads
Each glass bead is unique. Ursula Schluchter, the proprietor, makes them at the little table just opposite the entrance, and often according to her own ideas and sometimes according to the wishes of her customers. You can simply wear the beads on their own or along with a piece of jewellery from the range the shop has obtained from elsewhere.
Obere Hauptgasse 53, (German)
Carré: Where waxcloth rules
Dots, stripes, stars and flowers and all in the most beautiful colours of the rainbow. Carré specialises in quality wax cloth and sells wax cloth bags as well the cloth by the metre. There are also plenty of extras including candles, ribbons, writing utensils and salt shakers.
Obere Hauptgasse 25, (German)
Patricia Torten: A treat for the eyes and palate
Towering creations with filigree decorations, simple tarts both sweet and savoury, and magnificent cupcakes – at Patricia Torten, all the baked goods are homemade and decorated with great attention to detail. You can purchase them or, even better, sample them at the small bistro in the shop, together with a glass of champagne.
Obere Hauptgasse 27, (German)
Cinque Quattro: Good things from Italy
What would life be without pasta, pomodori and a "bicchiere di vino"? Boring! Katharina Scheidegger agrees, and so everything she sells in her store promotes an exciting food culture. Pasta, pesto, olive oil and limoncello – in short, all the good things that come from our southern neighbour.
Obere Hauptgasse 54, (German)
Oekoladen: Delicious organic goodies
With its original shop window design, the Oekoladen is quick to catch the eye. This sense of the special can also be felt inside the shop. Here you will find sufficient space in which to comfortably evaluate the store’s classic organic range and to fill your bags with healthy fair-trade goodies.
Obere Hauptgasse 20, (German)
Catlovers: Not just for the cat
There’s always a sense of excitement and delight when pedestrians in the Obere Hauptgasse discover the Catlovers shop. Here you will find cats made of plush, stone and porcelain. And plenty of "accessories" for pussy cats and their owners.
Obere Hauptgasse 27, (German)
Messerschmiede Schoder: Tradition and craftsmanship
For exactly 131 years, the Schoder family has been sharpening knives and scissors for people all over Switzerland. Today, son Manfred works in the workshop while his mother, Hedi (88), serves customers, gives advice and shares anecdotes about her 53-year-long career as a "Schoder owner".
Obere Hauptgasse 64, (German)
Van der Heijden Spirituosen: The house of fine spirits
For four generations now, the family of Marc van der Heijden has been running the liquor store on the Freienhofgasse. Over this period they have accumulated a huge assortment together with an in-depth knowledge. The over 3,000 different products include numerous local beers as well as whiskys and rum from their own bottling with great labels.
Freienhofgasse 5, (German)
Weekly Market: Great local product
If you visit Thun on a Wednesday or a Saturday, you should definitely make time to take a stroll around the market. Here you can buy all the great produce that is grown and made in the region – vegetables, fruit, cheese, sausages and lots of fresh flowers.
Bälliz, Wednesday from 7 am to 6.30 pm, Saturday from 7 am to 5 pm.
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