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Eight Bernese Souvenirs that Endure

BE! Tourism, 1.03.2017

No, it doesn’t always have to be clocks and carved cows. Available too are a host of unusual souvenirs that are totally unique to the canton of Bern and are only found there. Here are eight examples of souvenirs that endure.

1. Gran Classico Bitter
The first Swiss bitter aperitif was produced at this small distillery in the Bernese Seeland. Matter Spiritis was founded in 1920 and is now being operated by the family’s 4th generation. Gran Classico Bitter is a reproduction of the original recipe: a pure natural product without the addition of colouring and aromatic materials. Refreshing and bittersweet! (German)

Gran Classico Bitter, Bern Region

2. Seedballs
"Gorilla Gardeners" helps to ensure that Switzerland blooms in all the colours of the rainbow: Severin Bartholdi and Raphael Corneo have invented seedballs consisting of balls of clay and earth filled with flower seeds. They make a perfect souvenir – put them in the ground at home and you will soon be rewarded with flowering splendour. (German)

Seedballs, Bern Region

3. Linck Porcelain
200 unusual vases and bowls, all in white and of striking beauty – this is the legacy left by Margrit Linck (1897-1983), one Switzerland’s most important ceramic artists. Today her designs are still being produced in Worblaufen in the traditional manual way on a turntable. You can also visit the studio – run by Annet Berger in the third generation.

Linck-Porzellan, Bern Region

4. Aare Water
What does the Aare River actually smell like? Brigitte Witschi and Christian Siegenthaler ought to know: These two friends run a perfume factory, the Art of Scent studio, in the Old Town of Bern. Their top selling product is the "Aarewasser" (Aare Water), a green and slightly aquatic fragrance, reminiscent of the freshness and coolness of the Aare.

Aarewasser, Bern Region

5. Cheese Truffles
Jürg Wyss and Mike Glauser are two Emmental locals who, with their Belper Knolle, have initiated a Swiss-wide food trend. Not only are these cheese truffles on sale at the Saturday market in the Münstergasse in Bern, but the tubers are now so famous that they are also found at the fashionable Borough Market in London. (German)

Käsetrüffel - Belper Knolle, Bern Region

6. Jungfrau Air
The air on the Jungfraujoch is quite unique! Uniquely cold, uniquely fresh, uniquely good. Swiss mountain air at its very best. Now you can take "Jungfrau Air" home with you – in a can. 100 percent Swiss air – a boost of pure freshness for every stressed-out city-dweller. (German)

Jungfrau Air, Jungfrau Region

7. Ballenberg Chocolate
The Ballenberg Open-Air Museum is well worth a visit – even if only for the tasty souvenir available here. This is where they make Ballenberg Chocolate, and when they conch the chocolate mixture they use a machine that is over 100 years old.

Ballenberger Schokolade, Interlaken holiday region

8. Scissor Cuttings
These are filigree works of art that tell a story from start to finish. The traditional Saanenland scissor cuttings are inspired by the local village and mountain life. Scissors and paper are used to depict scenes from everyday life on the farm – veritable masterpieces indeed!

Scherenschnitt, Gstaad Saanenland
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